Request a Floor Plan

UFI maintains physical archives, scanned PDF files, and CAD drawings for most campus buildings. Access to information is available to university faculty, staff and designated vendors for legitimate business needs. Student access must be sponsored by a faculty member.  

Faculty and staff can access floor plans for University-owned buildings on Main Campus and South Bend via Campus Viewer, an interactive campus mapping application. 

Users can search for a building, select a floor, and review the floor plan, room number, square footage, and use for each room. Select classrooms have 360 photos available. PDF floor plans can be downloaded as well.

Click here to access Campus Viewer

Floor plans are updated regularly and synced to the app each night.

You can also request a floor plan via the print request form below. Please be prepared to provide the business purpose as well as the building and specific floor(s) which you are looking for.

Typical turnaround time is one or two business days. We appreciate your patience.

Floor Plan Request Form

For questions or assistance, please email the UFI team at