Facilities Design and Operations (FDO) works to further the mission of the University by stewarding its facility footprint. Led by Doug Marsh, FDO is composed by the offices of Planning Design and Construction, Utilities and Maintenance, the Landscape Services Department and University Facilities Information.

Our Mission

In support of Notre Dame's mission, we steward its tradition-rich campus by providing exemplary and balanced planning, design, construction, utilities, and maintenance services.

Our Vision

"Create and Sustain"

We strive to create and sustain inspiring campus built environments supported by a safe and reliable infrastructure.

Our Strategic Plan

Facilities Design and Operations Strategic Plan Adopted 2018

University of Notre Dame Campus Plan

The purpose of the Campus Plan is to focus on the growth of the University over a 10-15 year time frame. It advocates careful stewardship of existing built and natural environments, many of which are historically significant. The Plan takes the position that selective preservation, renovation, and adaptive reuse are significant components of a sustainable campus environment. Notre Dame is unique as an institution of higher learning in that it is both a place of prayer and study.

The Campus Plan seeks to provide opportunities for new sacramental and contemplative spaces that celebrate the glory of God’s creation. Likewise, the campus serves as both home and academy. The Plan embraces the spirit of the Notre Dame “family” by reinforcing the residence hall as the basic building block of the campus community. In addition to providing locations for new residence halls, the Plan seeks to balance the recreational sports and student activities venues across the campus.

The Campus Plan is the result of a process that solicited input from Officers, Trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, and students. We welcome you to read this document linked below.

Campus Plan Executive Summary Update 2017