Enterprise Space Data

Notre Dame is committed to integrating our data across campus and driving more data-focused decision-making. The OIT Business Intelligence team is leading this effort through the development and maintenance of the university's enterprise data warehouse and the dataND portal.

University Facilities Information serves as the data steward for enterprise space data across the University. 

In this capacity, UFI has published the following reports focused on buildings and space through the dataND portal:

  • Assignable Spaces: Learn more about the spaces assigned to each department in the University
  • Buildings: The official building list of the University

In order to maintain enterprise space data, UFI conducts periodic campus-wide verifications and ad-hoc on-site walkthroughs. UFI performs these space verifications by working with a network of contacts across departments in the University.

Comprehensive Building & Space Verifications

UFI will periodically work with a network of contacts across dozens of departments to conduct a comprehensive verification process focused on key space data within University properties. 

Completion of this process ensures a baseline of quality and accuracy in our space database and is a supplement to the ongoing work that UFI does to update space data through integration into construction, renovation and human resource processes. 

UFI began the first iteration of this comprehensive space verification process in July 2016 and it was completed in April 2017.  Some of the key results from our work are displayed below. For more information, please review the executive summary of the verification effort .

Ad-Hoc Quality Control Verifications

Throughout the year, UFI solicits updates from building and departmental contacts to update important data such as occupancy and space usage. Most outreach for these ad-hoc verifications is done via e-mails sent from UFI@nd.edu but we will also conduct walk-throughs in some instances. If you have any questions about information being requested or about the purpose of a walk-through, please contact:

Andrew Sama

Director, University Facilities Information

University of Notre Dame

105 Maintenance Center

Notre Dame, IN 46556

Ph: (574)631-5206

Email: ufi@nd.edu