University Facilities Information

University Facilities Information (UFI) was established in October 2015 to serve as a central resource for key information about University facilities. The wide-ranging number of systems and processes that utilize facilities information make it crucial that space data be managed centrally, and in a consistent, timely fashion.

UFI coordinates the update and maintenance of facilities data including occupancy and space usage for more than 11.5 miilion gross square feet of University property.


The University Facilities Information (UFI) mission is to steward enterprise building and space data and share that data with leaders at all levels of the University to support their planning and maintenance activities.


Get the right data to the right people to support the highest and best use of University facilities.



Enterprise Space Data

UFI serves as the Data Steward for space and facilities information within the University's enterprise data warehouse (DataND). In this capacity, UFI publishes building and space reports available for the campus community.

Enterprise GIS (Geographic Information System)

UFI maintains a suite of technology that allows departmental users to combine function-specific data with source of truth floor plans, maps and space data. Learn more at

Space Verifications

In order to collect and verify key information, UFI conducts periodic campus-wide verifications and ad-hoc on-site walkthroughs. UFI performs these space verifications by working with a network of contacts across departments in the University.

Space Planning Support

The University of Notre Dame is dedicated to achieving the most efficient utilization of its current and future facilities to support its educational, research and administrative programs. UFI collects and analyzes enterprise space data to support campus users as they plan for the use of new and/or existing facilities. Our office can assist departmental space planning effort by providing:

  • CAD drawings and floor plans
  • Square footage breakdowns (assignable space vs non-assignable space, etc)
  • Existing usage of buildings and rooms
  • Existing occupancy of buildings and rooms
  • Consulting on requests for new space

Academic Space Management

UFI serves as the Provost's liaison to address space planning and programming needs within academic buildings. This includes the administration of the Provost-funded academic spaces survey and the physical space management of over 150 Registrar-controlled classrooms.

Please contact the UFI team for more information.


University Facilities Information

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