Policies and Standards

Room Numbering Guidelines:

These guidelines are intended to ensure that room numbering and way-finding signage are applied consistently to all University buildings. Consistent room numbering is important because it impacts the work of numerous campus groups including the Notre Dame Police Department, Notre Dame Fire Department and OIT Telecommunications, Networking and Maintenance.

Room Numbering Guidelines

CAD Standards

These standards are issued to aid in the development of AutoCAD™ drawings suitable for use at the University of Notre Dame. By maintaining consistency and compatibility with existing documents, electronic drawings produced and submitted in accordance with these standards have a significantly greater value to the University, as well as other architects, engineers, consultants and contractors working with the University. Please note that the University expects compliance with these standards for CAD drawings submitted both at project closeout and upon submittal of the final approved design prior to the start of construction. Receipt of compliant CAD drawings at the time of final design approval is critical for utility and building service planning. These standards apply only to 2D AutoCAD models. No standards for 3D files have been established as of yet.

Cad Standards

CAD Title Block (30x42) | (36x48)

These downloadable CAD templates are to be used for all University construction and renovation projects. Please reference the University of Notre Dame CAD Standards most recent version for further description of this and all CAD-related requirements. 

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