Request a Project

Renovation & Remodeling

To request changes to an existing built environment such as construction, renovations or remodeling, please complete the form below:

FDO Project Request Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Renewal of core building elements and systems such as exterior envelope, fire safety, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and elevators is conducted through the Infrastructure Funding Plan process. If your project relates to the replacement of one of these elements or systems, you may wish to contact the Planning, Design and Construction office before proceeding with this form. 

Repair & Maintenance

To request general maintenance to a building or a space, please contact the Notre Dame Campus Work Control Center at 1-8888 or, if you have proper access, please submit a work order in the AiM system. Regular maintenance includes:

  • Heating or cooling issues
  • General building repairs and maintenance
  • Water leaks
  • Access control requests

Space Request

To request a move to a new space or to request additional space growth for your unit, please contact University Facilities Information at for a consultation.