Video: Catching up on the Campus Crossroads Project

Author: Department of Facilities Design & Operations

How much dirt have crews removed while working on the Campus Crossroads Project? Enough to cover an entire football field … and be stacked 50 feet!

In this video, Nick Fredricks, project engineer for Barton Malow Co., takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of Notre Dame’s largest building initiative in history.

“A lot of people wonder what the first step is before we could do any of the excavation on this project,” Fredricks says. He answers that question and more while providing updates on the progress crews made during the winter to get the project on track.

The $400 million construction project includes Corbett Family Hall, which will house the Departments of Anthropology and Psychology as well as a digital media center; Duncan Student Center, a space to enhance student development located on the west side of the stadium; and a building south of the stadium for the Department of Music and Sacred Music.

The project is scheduled to be complete by August 2017.