Upcoming road and sidewalk closures near Hesburgh Library

Author: NDWorks

Please note that Library Circle, the access drive to the Hesburgh Library, Pasquerilla Center and the ITC, will be closed Saturday, March 9, and Saturday, March 16. This will allow crews to install underground geothermal water lines originating from the new geothermal plant under construction on the north side of the Joyce Center. Anyone needing to be dropped off at the library during the road closure can use St. Joseph Drive west of the library. Please also note that a portion of the sidewalk north of Library Circle will be closed March 1-20.

Geothermal systems support sustainable energy usage for heating and cooling buildings on campus. They take advantage of the year-round 50°F average temperatures underground, circulating water through a closed-loop piping system to a depth of roughly 300 feet before returning it to the surface and distributing it through an energy center. Starting the heating and cooling process at 50° instead of at fluctuating surface temperatures uses significantly less energy to create comfortable building spaces.


Upcoming road and sidewalk closures near Hesburgh Library-A




Originally published by NDWorks at ndworks.nd.edu on February 23, 2024.