Sustainability Spotlight: Main Building’s carpeting project

Author: NDWorks

Main Building Interior Staircase 3 1

Over winter break, workers blanketed the stairwells and common areas of Main Building with new carpet. If you haven’t noticed the change, don’t feel bad. It’s the same custom-pattern that’s been there since 1999.

Julie Boynton, director of interior architecture, led the project. She says it took a whopping 40 rolls of 12-foot commercial carpet and 180 pails of adhesive to complete the project.

Here are some sustainability factoids related to the project:  

  • Due to good diligence and great care of the Building Services team the carpet that was replaced was over 20 years old.
  • The old carpet was sent to Kruze Recycling in Indianapolis for recycling.
  • Approximately 18,836 pounds of carpet sent to be recycled, which equates to 5,208 square yards.

Check out the photo gallery, which gives you an idea of the scope of the project.



Originally published by NDWorks at on March 05, 2020.