North-south sidewalks between Haggar Hall & Holy Cross Dr. to be closed

Author: Dan Shoop

Secondary Pumping Station Project Site Logistics Plan Final

Secondary Pumping Station

As part of the Utilities Long Range Plan (ULRP), the Utilities department will be constructing a new facility north of Haggar Hall that will house equipment to improve the chilled water distribution to campus. The construction will begin on March 5 and is scheduled for completion in January of 2019. 

During the construction of the project the north-south sidewalks between Haggar Hall and Holy Cross Dr. will be closed. All other sidewalks will remain open for pedestrians to detour around the construction site.  Please see the site diagram below for details.

During the later stages of this project, there will be brief impacts to Holy Cross Dr. and its associated sidewalk.  Further details will be provided prior to such work activities.

Secondary Pumping Station Project Site Logistics Plan Final


Originally published by Dan Shoop at on February 20, 2018.