Meet Joline Lock, Interior Architecture Project Manager

Author: Jaime Sanchez

Lock Cropped 2

Joline Lock, Interior Architecture Project Manager at the Office of Planning Design and Construction, has always been passionate about interior design.

“I’ve always loved space planning, problem solving, and designing.  Even as a child I would constantly update finishes and rearrange furniture with my toys and doll house.” she says.

The impact of her work can be appreciated all throughout campus. Since joining the University in 2015, Joline has managed over 100 projects, ranging from minor space renovations to the design and implementation of interior spaces within new buildings. Her most recent project included the renovation of the former Rolfs Sports Rec Center into the new Rolfs Athletics Hall, a state-of-the-art facility for the women’s and men’s basketball programs. The scope of her work included new team rooms, locker rooms, a sports medicine facility, a large strength and conditioning center, two separate practice gyms, conference rooms, and office space for both programs.

Creativity and flexibility were key in the Rolfs Project as there were surprises along the way,” said Missy Conboy, senior deputy athletic director. “Joline wanted to deliver a wow factor to the student-athletes and coaches who use the space daily, and for the recruits when they visit campus.  However, the furniture and interiors also needed to be practical enough that they could sustain daily use. Joline has great patience and creativity, and brought many fresh ideas forward.”

In addition to working with the Athletics department, Joline oversees the renovation and new construction of all interior spaces within residence halls, guided by the University’s long-range undergraduate residence hall master plan. Just this past year, Joline managed a minor renovation in Siegfried Hall, a comprehensive renovation of Morrissey Hall, and the planning and design of new construction of Baumer Hall.

Managing the renovation of residence halls is no easy feat. Whenever a dorm gets renovated, there’s an abundance of existing student rooms and lounge furniture that still have a lot of life left to give. “Sending this material to a landfill simply is not an option,” says Julie Boynton, director of interior architecture and Joline’s manager. “So we have partnered with several local and global companies to help charities in need.” Just a couple years back, Joline’s work in coordinating with external sources helped save over 2,000 pieces of furniture.

For Joline, working with partners from different parts of campus while having the opportunity to help those in need are the most rewarding parts of her role. “It is my mission and purpose to not only be a good steward of the University, but to reach out beyond.  The simple act of repurposing furniture or mattresses to third world parties is so touching and impactful. I feel that I am doing my part as an Interior Project Manager for Notre Dame in doing what I can to help those who have a need.”