Installation of underground utilities impacts Wilson Drive near Wellness Center March 7-21

Author: Dan Shoop

Ecp Road Logistics Phase I

Phase IPhase I: East Campus Plant utilities installation. View map (PDF, 352k)

East Plant

As part of the Utilities Long Range Plan (ULRP), the Utilities department will be installing various underground utilities infrastructure to the new East Plant. The work will be completed in phases to accommodate access to campus facilities. 

Phase one will be from March 7-21, 2018 and will include the following:

  • Closure of Wilson Drive from north of the Wellness Center entrance to the intersection of Holy Cross Drive. 
  • The Wellness Center parking lot and the Dunne Hall parking lot can be accessed from the south via Bulla Road. 
  • The East Gate will be accessed from the north via Stepan Drive. 
  • This phase of work will be completed in two weeks.   

The second phase will start on March 21, 2018. Details on road accessibility will be available soon.

Originally published by Dan Shoop at on March 2, 2018.