Hesburgh Library Renovation Alerts: 10th Floor is Open; South Entrance Gallery to Open, and Temporary Fishbowl Entrance to Close

Author: Hesburgh Libraries

Hesburgh Library’s South Entrance Gallery nears completion and construction barrier walls are scheduled for removal beginning the week of February 29. Crews are diligently working to have the space open and ready to welcome students and faculty back to campus after spring break. Below is a partial list of what to expect when you return.

• The temporary Fishbowl entrance at the west end of the Concourse will close.

• Access from the south will shift back to the center of the Concourse, temporarily routing through “entrance hallways” while final work is being completed on the entrance area.

• The entrance to the Fishbowl will move back inside of the main south doors to the west (near the grand staircase.)

• The new Circulation and Research Help Desk will shift to the south and be located near the elevators and the South Entrance.

• The grand staircase connecting the Lower Level, first floor and second floor will reopen. (Note: The north stairwells used throughout the Entrance Gallery construction will remain open through the remainder of the term.

• The elevator lobby will be accessible again from the main Entrance Gallery.

• Restroom corridors on both the first and second floors will be accessible from both east and west sides.

• Bulletin boards for hanging approved posters and event flyers have been installed near the restrooms in the east-west corridors.

• Features include a second atrium, a new Circulation and Research Help Desk, a first-ever second floor view out to the Library Quad and reflecting pool, donor plaque galleries, and group seating areas throughout the Gallery on both floors.


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