Hesburgh Library Renovation Alerts: Elevator Shut Downs, East Entrance to the Concourse to Close

Author: Hesburgh Libraries

Elevator Construction – Temporary Elevator Shut Downs

The elevator on the northwest side and the adjacent elevator (that is under construction) will be temporarily shutdown. This shutdown is taking place for electrical and fire alarm improvements in the Elevator Modernization Project. The shutdown schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, May 9 — 3 to 11 p.m.
  • Tuesday, May 10 — 3 to 11 p.m.
  • Elevator Service for the northwest elevator will resume at 11 p.m. 

The two south elevators directly across will remain operational. Noisy operations for construction work are expected during this shutdown.  

Elevator Construction – First Floor Lobby Closures

The first-floor elevator lobby will close for construction Monday, May 16, through Wednesday, June 1. During this time, no one will be able to get on or off of the elevators on the first floor. 

  • Users and employees will use the elevators on the second floor or lower level to access the tower floors. 
  • Lower level and second floor access will be available via the grand staircase or the north stairwells. 
  • Any scheduled events on the 14th floor should use the grand staircase to the second floor or lower level to access the elevators. 
  • Those who are unable to use the stairs should inquire at the Circulation and Research Help Desk on the first floor for assistance or call 574-631-6350.

East End of Concourse and East Entrance to Close

The east entrance and east end of the Concourse will close on Monday, May 16, and will re-open on or before Friday, August 5.

  • Entrance into the Library will be redirected to the north, south or west entrances.
  • Au Bon Pain café will remain open with an access walkway from the west side. 
  • The two ATM machines currently located on the east side of the Concourse will be temporarily relocated to the west center of the Concourse, outside the Fishbowl.

We will do our best to alert you to significant increases in construction noise levels whenever possible. Learn more at renovation.library.nd.edu.

Thank you for your patience during our transformation.