Construction on Notre Dame's new hockey arena continues

Author: Paul Murphy

Construction on Notre Dame's new hockey arena continues

Construction on the new home for “Notre Dame Hockey Night in South Bend” continues. The Compton Family Ice Arena is scheduled to open in mid-October.

The main arena incorporates a traditional barrel vaulted roof supported by a series of bow trusses. The west (visitors) end of the arena will be reserved for student and hockey band seating on both levels.

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Club seating, general admission seating and the media center will also be located on the upper level.

Standing room areas will be plentiful around the arena on both levels of the open concourse concept.

The new ice arena will be located south of the Joyce Center, just north of Angela Boulevard, and just west across Leahy Drive from the new Irish track and field facility. The majority of the arena seating will be of the chair-back variety.

One of the rinks is Olympic-sized, 200′×100′ and will be devisable into 2, 100’x 100’ cross-ice rinks to support the Irish Youth Hockey League, the USA youth hockey development model and intramural broom ball use.

Public skating sessions as well as drop-in hockey, figure skating sessions and even curling are anticipated programming options, in addition to current offerings (women’s club hockey and figure skating, interhall hockey, physical education classes, etc.).

The playing surface in the main arena will be the Charles W. “Lefty” Smith Jr. Rink in honor of the first coach in the program’s history.

Originally published by Paul Murphy at on August 04, 2011.