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The Official Building List for the university is maintained by University Facilities Information in collaboration with the University Architect. This is not an exhaustive list of all structures owned or operated by the university. If you are looking for more information about a specific building that does not appear, contact University Facilities Information. (SEE DEPARTMENTAL LINK BELOW).  Information on buildings currently under construction can be found at - Buildings - Official Building List by Primary Purpose 


Field Definitions

Building Name: This is the official name of the buildling. 

Off-Campus: This field indicates whether a building is located off-campus or not. "N" means that the building is on-campus. "Y" means that the building is off-campus. 

Building Type: This field categorizes each building into one of six Architect-defined categories. The categories are listed below and are meant to reflect the primary occupancy of the building. 

ACA - Academic
ADM - Administrative
ATH - Athletics
AUX - Auxiliary
REL - Religious
RES - Residential 

Owner: This field categorizes each building into one of four Architect-defined categories. The categories are listed below and are meant to identify ownership at the university not departmental level. 

CSC - Owned by the Congregation of Holy Cross
IU - Owned by Indiana University
UND - Owned by Notre Dame
UND / IU - Co-owned by Notre Dame and Indiana University

Primary Building Uses: This Architect-defined field describes the primary function of each building at the building level. Use descriptions may vary from those collected at the room level using FICM codes. If you have any questions, please contact UFI at for more information.  

Verified Gross Area (including additions): This field reflects the verified gross area measured in square feet of the building. This includes the entirety of the structure including assignable, non-assignable and structural space.  

AiM Building No.: This field contains the numeric code assigned to the building with the AiM database. This is helpful in placing work orders or identifying further data which may be required on a building. 


University Facilities Information

University Facilities Information





University Facilities Information (UFI) was established in October 2015 to serve as a central resource for key information about university facilities. The wide-ranging number of systems and processes that utilize facilities information make it crucial that space data be managed centrally, and in a consistent, timely fashion.  For further information, visit our website at