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Project Location:

Located immediately northwest of the Main Building and 50 paces from the Grotto.

Project Description:

The former Sisters of Holy Cross novitiate and chapel (also known as the Earth Sciences Building) are among the oldest structures on campus. Two undistinguished, flat-roofed additions were later added and currently suffer from functional obsolescence, poor means of access from one part of the building to the other, and an outdated structural frame. These small additions will be razed and replaced with a new three-story building designed in scale and detail compatible with the historically significant chapel and novitiate. The former chapel will be thoroughly renovated and modernized as part of this project. The complement of these facilities will be the home of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE).

The new three-story building will feature a new main entrance lobby which will be accessed from the west at the ground floor. There will be a third floor located in a full height attic and a partial 4th floor that will house the building’s mechanical equipment.

Greenspace will be extended west of the new building to create a welcoming front lawn while the courtyard will be rehabilitated. New utilities infrastructure of electric, steam, condensate, domestic hot and cold water, chilled water, sanitary and storm sewer, and fiber optic cable will be extended to the site to serve the new facilities.

Renovations to the existing chapel will include exterior masonry restoration (cleaning and tuck pointing), replacement of the original slate roof, and replacement of exterior windows and doors. The interior of the space will be demolished in its entirety except for the moldings and plaster in the former chapel, which will be rehabilitated and reused as an open space for staff, students, and guests. New floor structure, mechanical, and electrical systems will constitute the remainder of the renovation.

Project Status: 

Construction commenced in May 2010 and was completed in late summer 2011.  The building dedication is scheduled for the weekend of the Notre Dame/Michigan State home football game on September 16 and 17, 2011.  The exterior shell of the building is nearly complete with foundations, structural block, concrete, floor systems, windows, brick and stone veneer.  The roof framing is completed, with the building now protected from the elements; slate and copper roof is currently in progress.  Interior mechanical and electrical rough-ins along with all interior wall and ceiling framing are complete.  Interior finishes have now begun consisting of painting, trim, floor and ceiling finishes.


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